Give a Cup of Blessing


Give a cup of blessing to help us bless others 🙌


Give a Cup of Blessing

Shadia and her ministry team are passionate for providing biblically sound resources to help Christians on their faith journey; however, much of the content shared on this site is offered at no cost to the user: written articles, sample downloads, free resources, email newsletters, Bible study tips, and so much more. All of these require an investment of time and operating costs.

When you give a Cup of Blessing, your support enables us to provide these resources as well as to help fund larger projects like video production. But here’s the best part: Every cup you give becomes a Cup of Blessing to someone else! 🙌

And because I’m a fan of hot-n-spicy tea, when you give a Cup of Blessing, I’ll send you my Favorite Tea Recipe (if you’re a coffee lover, you might even convert 😉

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