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7 video sessions to help you rediscover the “God Who Rescues Me”

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7 Video sessions to complement and enhance LEGION: Rediscovering the God Who Rescues Me. Total time approx. 2.5 hours. (Licensed for Individual use. See Leader’s Kit for group use.)

Experience God’s relentless love through the story of a man known only by the name of the demons that tormented him. Through this six-week action-packed study, you will experience God’s relentless love as you celebrate the impassioned Savior Who moved heaven and earth to rescue you.

“Legion is truly one of the best bible studies I have ever done. It’s meaty, thought provoking, and inspiring. Shadia does a great job weaving scripture together and pointing out details that I never noticed before.” – Danielle

FEATURES: 7 Video sessions (mp4). Standard definition. Individual use. See Leader’s Kit for High Resolution videos optimized for large screen and licensed for group use.

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Video Sessions and Run Times (Total time approx. 2.5 hours): 

  • SESSION ONE: We live in a world that is crying out for rescue. Watch Shadia’s powerful introduction to the fascinating story of Jesus’s passionate pursuit to rescue a man known only by the name of the demons that tormented him. 16 minutes.
  • SESSION TWO: Shadia sets the stage by diving into the age-old question: Why did God allow Satan and sin to enter our world? From our limited perspective, the events in Genesis appear risky, but for God, they pave the way for a glorious Divine Rescue. 23 minutes
  • SESSION THREE: Through captivating teaching, Shadia invites you to climb into the boat with Jesus as He heads into enemy territory. Like the disciples, we face storms of doubt and fear. This is when our faith is put to the test. 24 minutes.
  • SESSION FOUR: In this session, we recognize that our enemy will stop at nothing to deceive us into lowering our view of God and His power. Shadia reminds us that this same enemy falls on his face and shudders at the mere mention of God’s Name. 23 minutes.
  • SESSION FIVE: During this session, Shadia gently challenges us: we say that God can rescue anyone, but do we really believe it? For the man with the legion, the people saw a hopeless, crazed, naked man, but God saw a precious soul crying out for rescue. 22 minutes
  • SESSION SIX: Like the demoniac, each one of us is in need of rescue, and there is only One Who can intercede for us: Jesus. Listen as Shadia boldly proclaims that through Christ’s blood, all the powers of darkness were forever defeated. 20 minutes
  • SESSION SEVEN: In this final session, Shadia challenges us to follow the example of the healed man who took Jesus at His word, “go and tell.” In the same way, each one of us has been entrusted with a story of God’s rescuing love. Let us also go and tell. 23 minutes

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