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7 video sessions to help you rediscover the “God Who Redeems Me”

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7 Video sessions to complement and enhance TAMAR: Rediscovering the God Who Redeems Me. Total time approx. 2.5 hours. (Individual use. See Leader’s Kit for group use and details on how to get Leader’s Kit for just $19!)

Through this six-week, in-depth Bible study, you will discover that no matter life’s twists and turns or your sins and failures, there is a God working behind the seen, redeeming it all for His glory.

“Shadia’s powerful storytelling and love of research leaves no Biblical stone unturned as she leads you gently to the knowledge that Tamar and Judah, for all their flaws, were not beyond God’s love and redemption— and neither are you.”– Kendra

FEATURES: 7 Video sessions (mp4). Standard definition (each video is approximately .5 GB). Individual use. See Leader’s Kit for High Resolution videos (3GB each) optimized for large screen and group use.

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Video Sessions and Run Times: 

  • SESSION ONE: Watch Shadia’s powerful opening message as she introduces us to a young girl who suffered multiple injustices, but whose bold choices forever altered the trajectory of human history. 16 minutes
  • SESSION TWO: Shadia begins by tracing the generations of the famous, but dysfunctional family that Tamar would marry into. All along the way, we encounter lying, betrayal, stealing . . . yet through it all, God is working out His sovereign plan behind the seen. 17 minutes
  • SESSION THREE: During this session, Shadia unveils the consequences of Judah’s poor choices. But when it comes time for Judah to seek a wife for his firstborn son, Tamar steps onto the scene – and into God’s redemptive story. 20 minutes
  • SESSION FOUR: In this dramatic session, Shadia invites us to step into Tamar’s sandals by providing us with an unforgettable glimpse into what life might have been like for young Tamar, who suffered not one, but two abusive husbands. 27 minutes
  • SESSION FIVE: Through captivating teaching, Shadia recounts events which, within the bounds of God’s sovereignty, begin to turn the tide in Tamar’s favor. Refusing to give in to self-pity, Tamar rises above her circumstances – with consequences that echo into eternity. 28 minutes
  • SESSION SIX: Like Tamar, all of us face times when we struggle with doubt, suffer injustice, or experience betrayal. Listen as Shadia unfolds the beauty of God’s faithfulness as He uses Judah’s mistakes to welcome Tamar into His covenant family. 24 minutes
  • SESSION SEVEN: In this last session, Shadia challenges us to recognize that though there may be times when we are like Judah or Tamar – trying to do things our own way or pretending to be something we’re not – when God makes us His own, He will redeem it all for His glory. 24 minutes

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2 reviews for Tamar – VIDEO Series (USB or Download)

  1. Pearl

    Absolutely love this. So very well spoken. Dynamic. Bringing out the amazing mysterious patterns, prophecies and genealogies in Biblical history and making it vitally relevant to all of us in the here and now.

  2. Sandi Miller

    Shadia’s Bible study on Tamar is in-depth, powerful, and meaningful, to the point of being life-changing. And how much more so when accompanied by this beautiful video series in which Shadia’s dynamic teaching provides an even deeper, more intimate look into not only the life of Tamar and God’s redemptive plan for her, but into how God’s plan of redemption is an invitation to each of us as well. Not to be missed !

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