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  • eBook Length: 52 pages
  • Publisher: Beautiful Voice Ministries
  • Publication Date: October 6, 2013
  • Print Book ISBN: 978-0989714112


Nameless No More is the true story of the heavenly encounter I had with the child I lost to abortion. It serves as the foundation and inspiration behind Worthy of Love, a Bible study for post-abortion healing.

“One of the best post-abortion personal stories I’ve read and I’ve read a lot of them.”
– Georgette Forney, President of Anglicans for Life and Co-founder of Silent No More

“As a scared, pregnant fifteen-year-old girl, I believed my child was nothing but a lifeless mass. Twenty-five years later, I came face-to-face with a scar hidden so deep, it would take a miracle to bring it to the surface. And that’s precisely what happened.”

Whether you’ve lost children to abortion, know someone who has, or simply seek to better understand the heartbreak of abortion, Nameless No More is guaranteed to touch your heart. This amazing true story serves as a beautiful reminder that our journeys of healing just may lead to a place we never expected.

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Shadia Hrichi is a passionate Bible teacher, award-winning author, and speaker who stirs the hearts and minds of her audience through personal story, illustration, and her unwavering confidence in the authority of God’s Word.

She holds a master’s in biblical and theological studies as well as a master’s in criminal justice. Shadia is the author of several Bible studies, including TAMAR, HAGAR, LEGION, and WORTHY OF LOVE and the recipient of the 2022 WCCW “God’s Word is Alive” Award. Residing in northern California, Shadia is often invited to speak at churches, conferences, women’s retreats and other events, and loves to visit the ocean each week for “a date with Jesus.”

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